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Trustive and eService Bar proud to announce a new partnership

Posted by Trustive on November 25, 2008

Trustive, Europe’s leading WiFi hotspot access provider has signed a roaming agreement with eService Bar, Finland’s leading wireless service developer and provider, which was established in 2001, thereby offering Trustive customers effortless internet access whilst traveling to, from and through Finland.

Trustive and eService Bar are proud to announce that this service will be put live on 1st July 2008, giving Trustive’s retail customers access to 25 prime hotspot locations across Finland. This coverage currently comprises access to the famous Port of Helsinki as well as 13 Finnish Airports including Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport and Tempere-Pirkkala International Airport.

Partnerships with 65+ hotspot operators like eService Bar mean that Trustive’s global footprint of 42,000 high quality WiFi hotspots (including all the main European airports) provides Trustive customers with first class coverage whilst they’re on the move. The variety of access packages, including pre-paid and monthly subscriptions, combined with Trustive’s ‘per second’ billing system make it a reliable, affordable and flexible choice for both occasional and frequent
users alike.

This latest expansion in coverage reinforces Trustive’s position as Europe’s leading WiFi hotspot access provider and serves to highlight Trustive’s continuing dedication to providing a premium and highly competitive WiFi internet service for its retail customers worldwide.

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