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Trustive’s connection manager ‘app’ – Easy WiFi – now available for download

Posted by Trustive on March 20, 2009

Trustive is very proud to announce the launch of a MyHotspotter application designed specifically for the iPhone and iPod Touch and which is now available for download directly from Apple’s App store. The MyHotspotter app, nick-named Easy WiFi, costs just 3.99 Euros; and that includes 30 minutes of free access on any of Trustive’s 90,000 hotspots.

Trustive, a leading international WiFi Internet access provider, recognises that a reliable, high-speed WiFi service that is easy to use and correctly priced is a vital tool for the frequent traveller. iPhone and iPod Touch users will quickly see all these benefits once they have downloaded the Easy WiFi app. As members of the Trustive community they will also be able to take advantage of Trustive’s clear and low-cost pricing policy, which includes no download restrictions or hidden costs, in order to make calls, use IM services, e-mail, surf and share multimedia information during their travels.

“With its simple design, Easy WiFi is perhaps our most user-friendly connection manager yet” says Caroline Berry, Sales and Marketing Director of Trustive “and with its release, Trustive is making one-click access to hassle-free, low-cost WiFi feasible for a whole new generation of customers.”

This second foray into the world of Mac devices follows the launch earlier this month of MyHotspotter for the MacBook and serves to underline Trustive’s serious and constant commitment to improving their customer’s WiFi experience.


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  1. trustive said

    If you would like further information about Easy WiFi or further details about how to go about downloading it, please got to

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