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Easy WiFi – Cheap WiFi for iPhone & iTouch users has arrived!

Posted by Trustive on March 25, 2009

As you may already know, Trustive recently launched Easy WiFi, a connection manager app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This is a fantastic development for Trustive because it puts us in touch with a whole new generation of customers who are using WiFi in new and exciting ways.

WiFi has traditionally been used by travelling business men with PCs/MacBooks, but that user profile is changing quickly thanks to the release of more and more diverse WiFi enabled devices. iPhone/iTouch users are not using WiFi to keep in touch with the office or to keep up-to-date with their e-mails. No, these users are using WiFi to stay in touch with friends and family through social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook. They are watching funny videos on YouTube and Dailymotion and they are downloading episodes of their favourite TV shows or the latest music tracks from their favourite band. This is leisure surfing and as time flies when you’re having fun, so too can the bill mount very quickly if the user is having all this fun whilst connected through 3G. This is even more true if the user is roaming internationally 😉

There is no need to despair though, WiFi roaming is a far better alternative to 3G and is not as complicated as many people think. WiFi roaming enables you to download your file much quicker and results in a better picture quality for video clips. WiFi is also far cheaper, especially if you are a Trustive customer because our WiFi access packages include NO download limits and NO hidden costs. To watch a 5 minute YouTube clip would cost you either 0.40 Euros, 0.75 Euros or a maximum of 1.25 Euros depending on the price per minute of the Trustive WiFi hotspot you were at. How much would that cost through through traditional 3G roaming? I dread to think!

As I said, WiFi is not as complex as many people fear and at Trustive we strive to make one-click WiFi access a reality. That’s why we developed Easy WiFi. Once you’ve downloaded and installed this connection manager onto your iPhone or iPod Touch, all you need to do is click one button next time you’re at a Trustive hotspot and you’ll be ready to surf to your heart’s (and your wallet’s) content.

If you want to check Easy WiFi out for yourself, type Trustive in the app store search box and download it onto your iPhone/iPod Touch. If you want more help/info downloading and using Easy WiFi, check out our website: We’ve put together a couple of short video animations to walk you through the whole process and help you connect for the first time. If you need any additional help, then you can always contact me here, contact our online chat support or send us an e-mail with your question to

I hope that you give Easy WiFi a chance because I’m sure that if you do, you’ll quickly become a WiFi fan!!


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