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WiFi security – why do I need to worry about it?

Posted by Trustive on June 29, 2009

As Howard Schmidt, professor, and president of the international Information Security Forum is quoted to have said in a recent article on FT’s Digital Business section “Data is the gold, the silver and the diamonds of the world we live in.” Everyone should therefore be extra vigilant when it comes to protecting their personal data and never is this more an issue than when you need to use wireless networks. WiFi security risks can take many forms (if you want details of when, where, how why and what format such risks can take then, check out Wikipedia’s very thorough article on the subject) and anyone who doesn’t consider these risks is, if I’m brutally honest, a poor, naïve fool.

At Trustive, we’ve been pondering this issue of WiFi security for a good few months and working out the best way we could help protect our customers’ personal, sensitive data whenever they connect to our WiFi hotspots. Our ‘Enhanced WiFi security’ feature was released last week and we are really pleased at the public’s initial reaction; there’s been loads of Tweets about it, various journalists have picked up on its potential including’s John Dunn and we’ve received scores of customer e-mails asking for more information.

Just to recap, Trustive’s Enhanced WiFi Security feature is based on Cisco infrastructure and is a means of encrypting your web session information when you are at a Trustive WiFi hotspot. Once you’ve accessed Trustive’s secure web browser and so long as you only navigate within this secure browser, then your web session information will be encrypted. So you can then complete a hotel booking or online purchase, safe in the knowledge that your personal, sensitive data is protected in exactly the same way as if you were logged in on your home wireless network.

So to respond to all those who are wondering if they really need to worry about WiFi security… yes you do!  But securing your data doesn’t need to be a daunting, complicated process either.

Check out Trustive’s low-cost WiFi passes that include access to our new Enhanced WiFi Security feature.  One click access to our WiFi hotspot network is also possible with our Free WiFi client (connection management software) for Windows XP & Vista devices, MacBooks and ASUS Eee PC. What could be simpler?

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Trustive Wi-Fi hotspots get VPN shield by

Posted by Trustive on June 24, 2009

Check out this great article by’s John Dunn – it explains in more details about Trustive’s new ‘Enhanced WiFi security’ feature –

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Trustive’s ‘Enhanced WiFi Security’ Feature Brings Peace of Mind to WiFi Customers.

Posted by Trustive on June 22, 2009

As the availability and usage of WiFi services grows year on year, so does the number and type of security threats associated with customers using WiFi networks for both personal and professional purposes. In order to protect its customers WiFi sessions from this threat, Trustive has developed and is now proud to launch an ‘Enhanced WiFi Security’ feature, which will be included as a standard feature in all Trustive WiFi access packages from now on.

WiFi security threats can take many forms, including the setting up rogue hotspots for the purpose of stealing sensitive, personal data of anyone who uses them carelessly. With the growth in the number and nature of online services, such as e-banking, e-mailing (professional and personal) and online shopping to name but a few, it is essential that WiFi users are educated about the potential risks and strive to protect themselves wherever and whenever possible.

To assist customers, Trustive has developed an Enhanced WiFi Security feature, which is based on Cisco Infrastructure. It is a web encryption system that can encrypt the WiFi part of a customer’s internet surfing access whilst they are connected to Trustive’s WiFi hotspots, thereby offering exactly the same level of protection as if a user was logged in on his home network.

This Enhanced WiFi Security feature is available for all members of the Trustive Community and can be used across Trustive’s entire network of 90,000 WiFi hotspots. With no download quotas or hidden costs, Trustive customers are now able to stay connected whilst on the move, freely and with peace of mind.

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WiFi remains the most cost effective option for savvy consumers!

Posted by Trustive on June 16, 2009

Following the recent announcement regarding the change in EU legislation relating to mobile operators’ roaming charges, the cost of WiFi vs. 3G is a subject which has once again been brought to the fore. Will consumers really sit up and take notice though? In difficult economic times such as these, they would if they knew what savings could be made!

With the exception of some providers’ special HSDPA networks, mobile 3G broadband is, generally, not as fast as a fixed line or WiFi connection. Good 3G coverage is an important factor too, as very few areas enable the fastest data standard. Many mobile 3G network providers limit the amount of data you are allowed to download each month and, if you exceed this limit, you may be liable for extra charges. These charges can cost as much as £1 (approx 1.18 Euros) per additional megabyte, resulting in a shocking £1024 (1212 Euros) per gigabyte. Overseas, costs can be as much as £5 (5.92 Euros) per megabyte!

The recent decision by the European Commission to impose a cap on roaming charges for data and SMS usage will force mobile operators to cut their fees (and cut the service to customers if they exceed specified usage limits!) but despite this, 3G roaming costs will remain significantly higher than WiFi.

Not only is WiFi vastly cheaper, but connection speeds are close to those of fixed line broadband. Whilst the negative aspect of WiFi hotspots may previously have been the sporadic availability of access points, the increased demand and popularity has now resulted in almost seamless coverage in the majority of key cities and airport areas throughout Europe. Trustive gives travelers extensive WiFi coverage by combining the hotspot locations of more than 70 leading WiFi operators into one unified, global network of WiFi hotspots and allowing Trustive customers access to these locations through a single click (single username and password plus a WiFi client that automates the log in process).

The cost for Trustive’s high-speed WiFi access is from as little as 0.02 Euros (approx 0.02 GBP) per minute (subscription accounts) or 0.08 Euros (0.07 GBP) per minute (pre-paid accounts) with no hidden costs or data download quotas!

Whilst surfing the internet and accessing e-mail have traditionally been the main activities of WiFi users, the growth of the ‘Net Generation’ has resulted in wireless connections being used for far more varied applications such as voice, file sharing and entertainment. Christian VanGhelder, Managing Director of Trustive, comments ”Trustive is very much aligned to this Net Generation and offers users ‘real internet broadband’ so that they can watch videos, download music, share photographs, play online games and keep in touch with friends and family through a host of social networking sites. Activities such as these would not even be considerations for users of a 3G connection due to the enormous (and unpredictable) cost implications but Trustive customers can enjoy doing all this, safe in the knowledge that their low-cost WiFi access account has no download quotas or hidden costs. There will be no nasty surprise waiting for them on the doormat when they get home!”

And in difficult economic times such as these, it is the predictability and affordability of good quality, low cost WiFi services, such as the one offered by Trustive, which will appeal to customers.

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