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WiFi security – why do I need to worry about it?

Posted by Trustive on June 29, 2009

As Howard Schmidt, professor, and president of the international Information Security Forum is quoted to have said in a recent article on FT’s Digital Business section “Data is the gold, the silver and the diamonds of the world we live in.” Everyone should therefore be extra vigilant when it comes to protecting their personal data and never is this more an issue than when you need to use wireless networks. WiFi security risks can take many forms (if you want details of when, where, how why and what format such risks can take then, check out Wikipedia’s very thorough article on the subject) and anyone who doesn’t consider these risks is, if I’m brutally honest, a poor, naïve fool.

At Trustive, we’ve been pondering this issue of WiFi security for a good few months and working out the best way we could help protect our customers’ personal, sensitive data whenever they connect to our WiFi hotspots. Our ‘Enhanced WiFi security’ feature was released last week and we are really pleased at the public’s initial reaction; there’s been loads of Tweets about it, various journalists have picked up on its potential including’s John Dunn and we’ve received scores of customer e-mails asking for more information.

Just to recap, Trustive’s Enhanced WiFi Security feature is based on Cisco infrastructure and is a means of encrypting your web session information when you are at a Trustive WiFi hotspot. Once you’ve accessed Trustive’s secure web browser and so long as you only navigate within this secure browser, then your web session information will be encrypted. So you can then complete a hotel booking or online purchase, safe in the knowledge that your personal, sensitive data is protected in exactly the same way as if you were logged in on your home wireless network.

So to respond to all those who are wondering if they really need to worry about WiFi security… yes you do!  But securing your data doesn’t need to be a daunting, complicated process either.

Check out Trustive’s low-cost WiFi passes that include access to our new Enhanced WiFi Security feature.  One click access to our WiFi hotspot network is also possible with our Free WiFi client (connection management software) for Windows XP & Vista devices, MacBooks and ASUS Eee PC. What could be simpler?

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