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Trustive now welcomes payments in US dollars and British pounds!

Posted by Trustive on July 31, 2009

Today, Trustive launches a multi-currency payment system for all new customers wishing to purchase or top up a Trustive WiFi pass. Trustive, a leading international WiFi access provider and No 1 in Europe, has focussed primarily on its central European customer base until now. However with it’s recent expansion into Asia (the addition of 2,000 China Telecom hotspots, including Beijing Capital and Shanghai Pudong International Airport, was announced only last week) and concrete plans for further, significant coverage expansions in Asia and further afield, over the next few months, Trustive has chosen to reinforce its new position as a leading international WiFi access provider by providing more tailored services to those international customers who need them.

Hence, the development and launch this week of a multi-currency payment system. New customers are invited to select their preferred currency (USD, GBP or EUR) from the drop-down list at the top of Trustive’s “Buy you WiFi pass’ page. The rest of the sign up process remains unchanged, but Trustive hopes that adding little details such as this new multi-currency feature will make their service even more accessible and easy to use.


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