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Cubic Telecom partners with Trustive to offer users global WiFi connectivity

Posted by Trustive on October 1, 2009

Trustive and Cubic Telecom have forged a partnership in order to offer Cubic Telecom’s travelling customers even greater flexibility by adding Trustive’s comprehensive, international WiFi access to their connectivity services.

Cubic is one of the world’s first and largest suppliers of Travel SIMs, which abolish high roaming fees that are usually charged by incumbent Mobile Network Operators (MNOs).  The company offers a 100% white label platform where MVNO’s can customize everything as their own, including having their own branding of SIMs and web portal, plus customized audio prompts and short-codes. MVNO’s can set up multiple sub-distributors, each with their own discrete pricing, and customization.

Trustive, a leading international WiFi hotspot access provider and No 1 in Europe, gives travellers extensive WiFi coverage by combining the hotspot locations of more than 70 leading WiFi operators into one unified, global network of 90,000 WiFi hotspots in 65+ countries and allowing Trustive customers access to these locations through a single click (single username and password plus a WiFi client that detects Trustive hotspots and automates the log in process).

Trustive & Cubic Telecom’s goals are aligned: to offer viable alternatives to traditional, expensive 3G roaming packages and make their respective, low-cost services as easily accessible as possible for business and leisure travellers alike. Through this partnership, Cubic Telecom can now benefit from the advantages of Trustive’s global WiFi network in order to offer their customers extensive data communications coverage and cost-effective voice communications whilst they are on the move.


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