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The price of data roaming hits the headlines once again!

Posted by Trustive on October 6, 2009

Yesterday’s article from the BBC’s Zoe Kleinman touches on an all too familiar subject – the exorbitant cost of 3G data roaming services. Even by bringing fair use policies into play and penalising high capacity users by restricting their bandwidth, mobile operators are still struggling to cope with the ever increasing demand for data roaming services. The result of this is an expensive service, which is slow and of an unacceptably low quality. If users dare connect whilst they’re travelling, then they should also be prepared to face expensive invoices full of complicated roaming surcharges upon their return home.

There is an alternative however – WiFi. WiFi is quicker and the quality of the connection and service is incomparable to that of 3G. WiFi is also much cheaper, costing from 0.2 Euro cents per minute (subscription accounts) or 0.08 Euro cents per minute (prepaid accounts) with Trustive. With no download quotas or hidden charges, Trustive’s transparent pricing policy also means that customers are free to surf, share multi-media files, watch videos, e-mail (etc.) as much as they want.

Poor coverage is the disadvantage most users’ associate with WiFi, but significant investment in network partnerships means that Trustive, a leading international WiFi hotspot access provider and number 1 in Europe, now aggregates 90,000 WiFi hotspots (belonging to over 70 different hotspot operators) into a seamless, unified WiFi network and allows customers access to these WiFi locations through a single click (single username and password plus a WiFi client that automates the log in process).

A low-cost, high quality service that’s easy to use. What could be simpler?


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