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Wireless security hits the headlines once again

Posted by Trustive on February 11, 2010

TrustWave have published their Global Security Report 2010 and one of its conclusions, namely a call for stricter wireless security policies, should not be taken lightly. This report appears to be aimed primarily at large organisations but today SMEs make up 99.8% of all European enterprises, accounting for 67.1% of private sector jobs* and on the whole, SMEs do not have access to the same level of specialist resources as large companies. Of course, this is not the first time that wireless security has hit the headlines – and it certainly won’t be the last – and with a significant proportion of Trustive’s customer base being business travellers who rely on public WiFi hotspots during business (and leisure) trips, it is an issue that Trustive takes very seriously.

For business travellers, WiFi security threats can take many forms, including the setting up rogue hotspots for the purpose of stealing sensitive, personal data of anyone who uses them carelessly.  With the growth in the number and nature of online services, such as e-banking, e-mailing (professional and personal) and online shopping to name but a few, it is essential that WiFi users are educated about the potential risks and strive to protect themselves wherever and whenever possible.

This is why Trustive developed an Enhanced WiFi security feature last year and has included this important feature in all its WiFi passes (both the prepaid and subscriptions accounts). Trustive’s Enhanced WiFi security feature is a Cisco based web encryption system. It takes the form of a secure web browser, which customers can access either via their free Trustive WiFi client or by ticking a check box when they log in to Trustive hotspots via their web browsers. Trustive’s secure web browser then encrypts the WiFi part of a customer’s internet surfing access whilst they are connected to Trustive’s WiFi hotspots, thereby offering exactly the same level of protection as if a user was logged in on his home or office networks.

By offering such a simple but effective tool to all its customers, Trustive is providing the SME market and employers with effective wireless security for their nomadic workforce at no extra cost and based on TrustWave’s Global Security Report 2010, the importance of this feature really should not be underestimated.

For more information about Trustive’s Enhanced WiFi security feature please visit:

* Putting Small Businesses First – Europe is good for SMEs, SMEs are good for Europe, 2008 edition, European Commission, Enterprise and Industry


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