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The beginning of the end for unlimited data plans!

Posted by Trustive on July 12, 2010

As expected, unlimited data plans are starting to be withdrawn from the market, with both AT&T and 02 announcing the end of such plans and the introduction of strict caps on data usage. Other mobile carriers like Verizon have also announced that tiered pricing is on the cards for their customers.

Apple have been quoted as stating that 98% of smartphone users consume less than 2GB of data per month, but with the arrival of the iPad, this is certain to change…. The iPad has a huge range of multimedia books, graphically complex games and impressive video streaming capabilities, not to mention the App Store with its range of 200,000 applications. The iPad is marketed specifically as a versatile and mobile online device and capping data usage will therefore hit the innate usability and portability of this device hard.

No-one in the industry wants customers to exceed their data usage limits and incur heavy charges. App developers are therefore starting to review their applications to make them lighter and mobile carriers are pushing WiFi to their customers.  Trustive has been working with mobile carriers like Vodafone SFR, Telefonica and Swisscom for many years in order to offload their customers’ data usage onto Trustive’s premium WiFi hotspot network; a network which includes 140,000 premium WiFi hotspots in 110 countries worldwide.

Click here to visit Trustive’s coverage directory or click here to watch the BBC Click video report “Mobile networks scrap unlimited data plans for smartphones”


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