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Trustive launches a range of streamlined WiFi websites for residents in the UK, Netherlands, France, Germany and Spain

Posted by Trustive on June 21, 2011

Trustive, a leading worldwide mobile internet access provider and the No1 WiFi access provider in Europe, announces the launch of a range of country specific websites, aimed at meeting the specific WiFi needs of 5 European nations.,,, and all went live in May 2011. These streamlined websites, presented in each country’s native language, are designed to facilitate the choice and purchase of a new range of prepaid Trustive WiFi passes (1 day, 1 week etc) to business and leisure travellers from those countries. All of these WiFi passes are compatible with any WiFi enabled device that has a web browser and can also be used in conjunction with Trustive’s range of WiFi clients, thereby enabling travellers to detect and connect to Trustive’s international WiFi hotspot network.

Trustive offers travellers comprehensive WiFi coverage by combining the hotspot locations of more than 80+ leading WiFi operators into one unified, global network of 220,000+ premium WiFi hotspots in 130 countries.

Christian VanGhelder, Trustive’s managing director, said “Trustive’s WiFi hotspot network currently includes 35,000 hotels, 38,500 bars & restaurants, 750 airports and thousands of other key locations all spread across Asia (118,000 hotspots), South America (2500 hotspots), Europe (90,000 hotspots) and beyond, making it a true asset for business and leisure travellers alike, regardless of their nationality. However, by designing these streamlined websites for travellers based in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Spain, we aim to offer these specific customers tailor-made WiFi passes that meet their individual travel and mobile internet requirements, in the comfort of their own home and in their own language.”

Of course,, which also underwent a major re-design in April 2011, remains available for anyone interested in Trustive’s full range of mobile internet access solutions, including prepaid and subscription WiFi accounts as well as Trustive’s renowned mobile broadband internet pass that combines WiFi and 3G data roaming access in one easy to use account. is available in English, with payments accepted in Euros, British pounds and US dollars.

The new homepage

The new homepage

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Trustive’s Annual Report 2010-2011 Announces Significant Network Growth & the Reinforcement of a Data Savvy, ‘Net-centric’ Culture

Posted by Trustive on June 16, 2011

Trustive's Annual Report 2010-2011, from Europe's No1 WiFi access providerTrustive, a leading international WiFi access provider and No1 in Europe, has today published its Annual Report 2010-2011, entitled “Staying online abroad: WiFi, the international mobile internet access solution for the perceived future.” Trustive’s annual report is the result of a detailed analysis of mobile internet usage statistics, customer feedback and identified trends.

Trustive primarily offers travellers comprehensive WiFi coverage by combining the hotspot locations of more than 80+ leading WiFi operators into one unified, global network of 220,000+ premium WiFi hotspots in 130 countries. Network traffic has grown across Trustive’s entire WiFi network over the last twelve months, with Europe (its traditional stronghold) seeing an increase of 300%. However, Trustive’s position as a leading world player is reinforced by a resounding 900% growth in traffic in Latin America and a 250% increase in traffic in the Asia Pacific region. The list of Trustive’s top 20 airports is also testimony to its growing international status, with the inclusion in this list – for the first time – of 8 airport hotspots located outside the E.U. (1 South African, 5 Latin American 2 Asian airport hotspots).

Over recent years, Trustive has witnessed the changing habits of its customers as they not only embrace innovative new technology, but also learn to master its inherent subtleties in order to make their chosen devices work for them. “Devices” being the operative word as travellers rely increasingly on a portfolio of 2 or 3 mobile internet devices during their trips; this year it’s interesting to note that tablets are slowly replacing laptops.

Finally, in the year since Trustive launched its combined WiFi & 3G service, customers have quickly become accustomed to relying on Trustive WiFi for their data heavy tasks whenever possible and using the 3G service as a back-up, for times when a mobile internet service connection is essential; the average session data upload and download volumes for WiFi customers is 14MB and 39MB respectively for laptop & netbook users and 2.9MB and 33MB for smartphone and tablet users, compared to just 0.3MB and 1.7MB (laptops and netbooks) and 0.1Mb & 0.5MB (smartphones and tablets) for 3G customer sessions. By becoming data savvy and planning their WiFi usage in advance, Trustive customers are maximising their cost savings by benefiting from Trustive’s no download quota policy (applicable on all WiFi sessions) whenever and wherever possible. Trustive customers are also making use of both Trustive’s WiFi and 3G services in order to use VoIP and IM services during their travels, both of which offer enormous savings compared to traditional GSM call roaming costs.

A full copy of Trustive’s Annual Report 2010-2011 is available for download at:

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Trustive gives travellers comprehensive WiFi coverage by combining the hotspot locations of more than 80+ leading WiFi operators into one unified, global network of 220,000+ WiFi hotspots in 130 countries and allowing Trustive customers access to these locations through a single click (single username and password plus a range of WiFi software for both computers and smartphones that automate the log in process). For more information about Trustive’s range of mobile internet access services or to consult Trustive’s online coverage directory, please visit

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