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300,000 premium WiFi hotspots are now available to Trustive customers

Posted by Trustive on September 6, 2011

Trustive announces the consolidation of its international WiFi hotspot network in Europe, Asia & Latin America.

Trustive, a leading international WiFi access provider and No1 in Europe, is very pleased to announce another significant expansion to its international WiFi footprint. This most recent increase to 300,000 premium WiFi hotspots is primarily the result of the consolidation in Trustive’s leadership position in Europe (new network extensions in the UK, France and Eastern block countries) and also in Trustive’s newly developed markets such as Latin America and Asian.

“Trustive’s growth strategy is to continue to propose comprehensive coverage at quality hotspots in both Europe (our traditional stronghold) and fast growing markets such as Russia, Asia and Latin America” stated Christian VanGhelder, managing director of Trustive. “The WiFi hotspot business has become hot again due to an unprecedented need for broadband services by smartphone (e.g. iPhone & Android) and tablet users. The demand for bandwidth to sustain these customers’ expectations is way above and beyond that required by mobile phone customers. The smartphone and tablet users’ desire to stream TV, videos or digital radio whilst on the move means that everyone is quickly becoming experts at comparing WiFi and 3G services, understanding the associated costs and the implications in terms of speed and quality of service.”

Trustive customers have very little interest in complex billing algorithms. Trustive therefore takes the strain for the customer by combining the hotspot locations of more than 80+ leading WiFi operators into one unified, global network of 300,000+ WiFi hotspots in 130 countries and providing Trustive customers with seamless access to these locations using a simple pricing model.

This WiFi footprint is accessible automatically with the WiFi software (available for various devices via that detects and connects to Trustive WiFi hotspots. For up-to-date information about Trustive’s WiFi coverage, customers can consult Trustive’s online WiFi hotspot locator (

About Trustive
Trustive gives travellers comprehensive WiFi coverage by combining the hotspot locations of more than 80+ leading WiFi operators into one unified, global network of 300,000+ WiFi hotspots in 130 countries and allowing Trustive customers access to these locations through a single click (single username and password plus a range of WiFi software for both computers and smartphones that automate the log in process). For more information about Trustive’s range of mobile internet access services or to consult Trustive’s online coverage directory, please visit

If you are an operator, interested in joining or using Trustive’s world-class WiFi network, please visit:


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