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The Trustive team are a group of entrepreneurs who regularly travel internationally and who therefore clearly understand the need and benefit of being able to use WiFi whilst on the move. Trustive recognises the value of a good WiFi service and when hotspot operators provide a service that is easy to use, quick and correctly priced, then WiFi technology can quickly become a vital tool for the frequent traveller.

The reality of WiFi is usually a fragmented service with different hotspot operators having their own log in methods, billing systems and coverage restricted to certain countries or even cities.

Trustive decided to overcome these challenges in order to improve this reality for the whole Trustive community. Following 5 years of heavy investment and the conclusion of strong roaming agreements with 70+ hotspot operators in 74+ countries, Trustive is now able to offer a seamless service that is both reliable and competitively priced across a unified and ever expanding network of 90,000 WiFi hotspots.

Access to the entire network is incredibly simple, with one familiar username and password. Trustive’s seamless connection tool, MyHotspotter, is also offered to the Trustive community free of charge so that the customers can connect and log in with the simplicity of just one click.

Trustive pledges to continue investing in order to make it even easier for community members to get connected quickly and easily in ever more prime locations and at prices that are highly competitive in comparison with other wireless access services.

So long as a customer has a WiFi enabled device (e.g. laptop, PDA, iPhone etc.), then Trustive offers a choice of 3 WiFi access packages, thereby catering for the occasional user right through to the frequent business traveller:

* Trustive World
For the frequent hotspot user, Trustive World provides 2000 minutes of access for a flat, monthly fee of €33, with no minimum contract period.

* Trustive Pre-Paid
Pre-paid account credit (purchased in €25 blocks) is valid for a full 12 months from activation making it ideal for occasional users and Trustive’s ‘per second’ billing system means that customers get maximum value for money whilst they roam.

To begin enjoying the benefits of the Trustive service today, simply:

1.) Buy your WiFi access package

2.) Download our WiFi connection manager, MyHotspotter, for your preferred device(s) – Windows XP/Vista devices, ASUS Eee PC, MacBook or iPhone and iPod Touch.

You can then start making calls, using IM services, e-mailing, surfing and sharing multimedia information whilst on the move!

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