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Trustive’s Top 10 hotspots for October 2010

Posted by Trustive on October 25, 2010

The Top 10 premium WiFi hotspots, as voted for by the Trustive community…

1. Nice Côte d’Azur Airport, France
2. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, The Netherlands
3. Comfort Hotel André Latin, Paris, France
4. Sofitel Berlin Gendarmenmarkt, Germany
5. Malpensa Airport, Milan, Italy
6. Mercure Hamburg an der Messe, Germany
7. Brussels Airport, Belgium
8. Hotel Luxor Rimini, Rimini, Italy
9. Copenhagen Airport, Denmark
10. Gare de Lyon, Paris, France

low-cost international WiFi access from Trustive, Europe's No1 WiFi access provider

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If you’re heading to Asia & Australisia, Latin America or North-Eastern Europe this month, don’t forget to check out Trustive’s regional passes before you leave home. Offering great coverage in 3 regions for just 0.02E/min, these passes are excellent value for money. Click here for more details and to sign up today>


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Trustive’s Top 10 hotspots for September 2010

Posted by Trustive on September 17, 2010

There are a real range of venues in the top 10 this month:

  • Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Radisson SAS Hotel Stansted Airport, London, United Kingdom
  • Nice Cote d’Azur Airport, Nice, France
  • London Gatwick Airport, London, United Kingdom
  • Hotel Ristorante Transatlantico, Naples, Italy
  • Camping Ginasservis, Ginasservis, France
  • Stars’n’Bars Restaurant, Monaco
  • Port de Cannes, Cannes, France
  • Gare de Lyon, Paris, France
  • Mercure Stuttgart City Center, Stuttgart, Germany

As you can see, Trustive has hotspots in prime locations across Europe and in 110+ countries worldwide: hotels, train stations, airports, bars & restaurants and many, many more besides. So, make sure you check out our coverage before you travel and stay connected with peace of mind thanks to Trustive’s low-cost WiFi service and no download quota policy.

Trustive’s online hotspot directory – – you won’t find our coverage information anywhere else!

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Top 10 hotspots for August 2010!

Posted by Trustive on September 1, 2010

Here are the ten top hotspots for this month as voted for by you:

  • Nice Cote d’Azur Airport (Airport), Nice, France
  • Stars’n’Bars (Bar/Restaurant), Monaco, Monaco
  • Camping la Créole (Camping), Merseillan Plage, France
  • Starlight Sweten Hotel (Hotel), Budapest, Hungary
  • Pudong International Airport (Airport), Shanghai, China
  • BMI Heathrow T1 (Airport), London, United-Kingdom
  • Hotel Gallia Montfleury (Hotel), Cannes, France
  • Malaga Airport (Airport), Malaga, Spain
  • Hotel Panorama (Hotel), Florence, Italy
  • Best Western, Coral Hotel (Hotel), Athens, Greece

Don’t forget to check out Trustive’s coverage before booking your hotel or making your summer holiday plans. Sign up for a Trustive WiFi pass for great value WiFi internet access at 140,000 premium locations worldwide or get a Trustive mobile broadband Internet pass that combines all the benefits of WiFi (most importantly no download quotas!) with a comprehensive 3G data roaming service.

For more information, please visit Trustive’s website

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Trustive’s online WiFi hotspot and 3G coverage directory gets a makeover! See the results exclusively on

Posted by Trustive on July 22, 2010

Trustive's new WiFi hotspot & 3G coverage directoryTrustive’s online WiFi hotspot and 3G coverage directory recently received an exciting makeover and is now packed with extra features designed to help customers plan than mobile internet usage, and in particular their WiFi usage, in advance.

Trustive’s strategy has long been to provide seamless mobile internet access to travellers and an integral part of this strategy has been providing customers with up-to-date information about Trustive’s WiFi hotspot and 3G network so that customers can plan their journeys and WiFi usage in advance and in confidence. Recently the subject of an exciting makeover, Trustive’s WiFi hotspot and 3G coverage directory is now looking better than ever and it’s available exclusively on

In the beginning, Trustive’s WiFi hotspot data was presented in a simple list format but in October 2007, Trustive launched an innovative new hotspot locator that enabled customers to immediately see the locations of all Trustive hotspots near to a given address or postcode or pinpoint the location of a specific Trustive hotspot on a map. Then, earlier this year, Trustive’s hotspot locator tool received a much needed makeover in order to give customers even greater visibility of and information about Trustive’s international WiFi and 3G networks. This was achieved by enlarging the GoogleTM Map display area as well as by providing customers’ results in a scrolling list format for ease of reference. WiFi search results can be filtered by hotspot location type (airport, hotel, bar/restaurant, marina, campsite etc.) and chain (Hilton, Radisson, Best Western, McDonalds, Starbucks etc.) and then printed off or exported for use with GPS devices such as Tomtom, Navman, Garmin and Navigon.

Trustive’s WiFi hotspot network currently includes 140,000 WiFi hotspots in 110 countries and Trustive works closely with all its partners to ensure that its hotspot database is kept constantly up-to-date; in practical terms this means an average of at least 2 or 3 database updates per week. That’s why Trustive does not share its WiFi hotspot data with any independent WiFi hotspot directory websites; instead the data is presented exclusively on

Trustive customers can also access the official WiFi hotspot and 3G coverage directory by clicking on the corresponding links on MyHotspotter for Windows, MyHotspotter for Android (Google Phone) or Easy WiFi (Trustive’s WiFi connection software for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad).

For more information about Trustive or to visit Trustive’s WiFi hotspot and 3G coverage directory, please visit:

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The New Year Countdown….

Posted by Trustive on January 18, 2010

Over the past month, hotel and airport WiFi hotspots have continued to be the most popular location types amongst our customers. Do remember that Trustive WiFi  passes include no download quotas, so you can check your e-mails, watch videos or up/download photos freely – there is no need to get bored or lose touch with family and friends, even when you’re on the road!

Top 10 hotspots for Janaury 2010:

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, The Netherlands
Brussels Airport, Belgium
Radisson SAS Zurich Airport, Switzerland
Gare Montparnasse, Paris, France
Hotel Le Wassberg, Forch, Switzerland
Camping Ginasservis, France
Hilton Hotel, Trafalgar Square, London, UK
Walhotel, Davos, Switzerland
Copenhagen Airport, Denmark
Nice Cote d’Azur Airport, France

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WeFi joins forces with Trustive to offer users premium expansion of WiFi network in Europe

Posted by Trustive on September 15, 2009

Delaware, USA, September 15th 2009:  WeFi Inc., creator of the first open, community-based global Wi-Fi network, and Trustive Ltd., a leading international Wi-Fi hotspot provider and No 1 in Europe, announced today that they have signed an agreement of cooperation in order to give WeFi users access to Trustive’s global network of 90,000 Wi-Fi hotspots . According to the agreement, Trustive’s Wi-Fi hotspot network will be available to users of WeFi’s software as part of a premium service entitled “WeFi Premium Access – Powered By Trustive”, which will be launched before the end of this year.  Trustive’s hotspots – spread across 65 countries with the main concentration being in Europe and Asia – will be highly beneficial to WeFi users, especially in places where free Wi-Fi access is unavailable.

Users of WeFi’s award-winning software, who are already automatically connected to the best free and open hotspots whenever and wherever possible, can now have access to an even wider database of premium hotspots around the world.  The WeFi software dramatically enhances the wireless network user experience with mobile and portable devices. It provides a high performance, open and global broadband wireless network by combining a community-generated database, a smart connection manager and a dynamic access point/hotspot directory.  WeFi always seeks to connect users to Wi-Fi access points where the Internet access has already been verified by other WeFi-enabled devices – dubbed “community-verified spots” – and has a growing network of over 32 million “verified” access points.

“WeFi is constantly looking for new ways to increase Wi-Fi availability for everyone,” said Zur Feldman, Chairman and CEO of WeFi.  “Adding Trustive’s global network of 90,000 premium hotspot locations expands our rapidly growing network of worldwide Wi-Fi access points, and enables our users to find and utilise the nearest Wi-Fi connection wherever they are. This will be the most comprehensive Wi-Fi offering available on the market to date.”

Christian VanGhelder, Managing Director of Trustive, added, “Trustive is thrilled to be extending the outreach of our leading Wi-Fi service to the millions of WeFi users. Trustive understands the need to stay connected when travelling and more importantly to use WiFi access wherever possible because it is far cheaper, faster and easier than 3G; and  WeFi users will now be able to benefit from Trustive’s extensive international coverage to do just that.”

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Trustive now welcomes payments in US dollars and British pounds!

Posted by Trustive on July 31, 2009

Today, Trustive launches a multi-currency payment system for all new customers wishing to purchase or top up a Trustive WiFi pass. Trustive, a leading international WiFi access provider and No 1 in Europe, has focussed primarily on its central European customer base until now. However with it’s recent expansion into Asia (the addition of 2,000 China Telecom hotspots, including Beijing Capital and Shanghai Pudong International Airport, was announced only last week) and concrete plans for further, significant coverage expansions in Asia and further afield, over the next few months, Trustive has chosen to reinforce its new position as a leading international WiFi access provider by providing more tailored services to those international customers who need them.

Hence, the development and launch this week of a multi-currency payment system. New customers are invited to select their preferred currency (USD, GBP or EUR) from the drop-down list at the top of Trustive’s “Buy you WiFi pass’ page. The rest of the sign up process remains unchanged, but Trustive hopes that adding little details such as this new multi-currency feature will make their service even more accessible and easy to use.

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Trustive partners with Quiconnect to increase coverage

Posted by Trustive on July 7, 2009

Trustive, a leading international provider of WiFi access services for consumers, businesses and network operators, today announced that it has signed an agreement with Quiconnect to extend its footprint further in India, China & South America. In addition, this agreement will enable Quiconnect to offer part of the Trustive footprint to their international telecom company customers, giving them the ability to offer their own end-users access to parts of Trustive’s global network of WiFi hotspots.

Caroline Berry, Sales & Marketing Director of Trustive says “Trustive has been Europe’s no 1 WiFi access provider for a number of years now, but with this partnership Trustive is really reinforcing its presence on the international stage – Asia and South America in particular are both growing markets and Trustive is therefore very excited to be able to offer its customers even more premium WiFi hotspots in these regions.”

Jeff Mabe, Quiconnect’s Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing, says, “We’re delighted to be partnering with Trustive as it will provide access for our partners to networks on a truly global scale. Combined with Quiconnect’s reputation as an international interconnectivity specialist with leading telcos and network operators, we can rapidly expand our service providers’ and network operator base which now provides a potential worldwide hotspot base of over 100,000 hotspots. Similarly, our partners’ wireless broadband networks add significant roaming footprint for Trustive’s own customers.”

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WiFi remains the most cost effective option for savvy consumers!

Posted by Trustive on June 16, 2009

Following the recent announcement regarding the change in EU legislation relating to mobile operators’ roaming charges, the cost of WiFi vs. 3G is a subject which has once again been brought to the fore. Will consumers really sit up and take notice though? In difficult economic times such as these, they would if they knew what savings could be made!

With the exception of some providers’ special HSDPA networks, mobile 3G broadband is, generally, not as fast as a fixed line or WiFi connection. Good 3G coverage is an important factor too, as very few areas enable the fastest data standard. Many mobile 3G network providers limit the amount of data you are allowed to download each month and, if you exceed this limit, you may be liable for extra charges. These charges can cost as much as £1 (approx 1.18 Euros) per additional megabyte, resulting in a shocking £1024 (1212 Euros) per gigabyte. Overseas, costs can be as much as £5 (5.92 Euros) per megabyte!

The recent decision by the European Commission to impose a cap on roaming charges for data and SMS usage will force mobile operators to cut their fees (and cut the service to customers if they exceed specified usage limits!) but despite this, 3G roaming costs will remain significantly higher than WiFi.

Not only is WiFi vastly cheaper, but connection speeds are close to those of fixed line broadband. Whilst the negative aspect of WiFi hotspots may previously have been the sporadic availability of access points, the increased demand and popularity has now resulted in almost seamless coverage in the majority of key cities and airport areas throughout Europe. Trustive gives travelers extensive WiFi coverage by combining the hotspot locations of more than 70 leading WiFi operators into one unified, global network of WiFi hotspots and allowing Trustive customers access to these locations through a single click (single username and password plus a WiFi client that automates the log in process).

The cost for Trustive’s high-speed WiFi access is from as little as 0.02 Euros (approx 0.02 GBP) per minute (subscription accounts) or 0.08 Euros (0.07 GBP) per minute (pre-paid accounts) with no hidden costs or data download quotas!

Whilst surfing the internet and accessing e-mail have traditionally been the main activities of WiFi users, the growth of the ‘Net Generation’ has resulted in wireless connections being used for far more varied applications such as voice, file sharing and entertainment. Christian VanGhelder, Managing Director of Trustive, comments ”Trustive is very much aligned to this Net Generation and offers users ‘real internet broadband’ so that they can watch videos, download music, share photographs, play online games and keep in touch with friends and family through a host of social networking sites. Activities such as these would not even be considerations for users of a 3G connection due to the enormous (and unpredictable) cost implications but Trustive customers can enjoy doing all this, safe in the knowledge that their low-cost WiFi access account has no download quotas or hidden costs. There will be no nasty surprise waiting for them on the doormat when they get home!”

And in difficult economic times such as these, it is the predictability and affordability of good quality, low cost WiFi services, such as the one offered by Trustive, which will appeal to customers.

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The iPhone still dominates!

Posted by Trustive on May 29, 2009

According to Admob’s April 2009 report, the iPhone and iPod Touch’s dominance of mobile web traffic continues almost unchecked by rivals, despite the fact that their market share is quite small (8%). Last month the iPhone generated 43% of mobile web requests and 65% of HTML usage!!

This is why WiFi clients such as Trustive’s Easy WiFi are so important, providing seamless, one-click access to a global network of WiFi hotspots. WiFi is cheaper, faster and easier than 3G and so any iPhone/iPod Touch user who hasn’t already sorted out a low-cost, international WiFi access account should visit without delay!

Check out Admob’s April 2009 report >>

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