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In support of the EU initiative to review roaming costs, Trustive launches the “Full Access Europe Pass” offering voice, SMS & mobile internet (WiFi & 3G) access services.

Posted by Trustive on July 5, 2013

The “Full Access Europe” service is a highly competitive new service, enabling travellers in Europe to save up to 85% on roaming costs.

Trustive Full access Europe pass, call, sms & surf in Europe

The “Full Access Europe” pass is the result of close cooperation between TravelSim, Guglielmo and Trustive, three of Europe’s leading operators. Now available exclusively via Trustive’s website (, the “Full Access Europe” pass is a fully prepaid service with a clear pricing plan, which also offers travellers savings of up to 85% on their roaming costs.

The “Full Access Europe” pass is a prepaid package that includes free incoming calls & free incoming SMSs from 135 countries and free incoming calls for Skype users. In Europe, outgoing calls cost just 19 euro cents per minute & outgoing SMS’s 8 euro cents and 3G data costs 39 euro cents per MB. In addition, secured, free & unlimited WiFi will be provided at 10,000 premium hotspots in Europe, which will be easy to find with the Easy2Roam app’s embedded locator.

Combining a SIM card with a free application, Easy2Roam (for Android smartphones), the “Full Access Europe” pass is both easy and secure because it’s the data stored on the SIM card that is used to provide automatic user authentication to both cellular and WiFi networks. There is, therefore, no need to enter any password or perform any kind of manual sign up procedure.

At the moment, travellers are advised to “switch off data roaming” as they travel in order to avoid prohibitive bills from their domestic operator upon their return. It is up to the individual traveller to find WiFi hotspots, which is not always easy or convenient with local portal venues in different languages and having to provide credit card details each time. Alternatively, travellers can opt for the challenging task of sourcing local SIM cards for each country they visit so that they can continue to use their smartphones on the road; this option is also time consuming or impossible in many countries. 

“At Trustive, we’ve been trying to address this issue for a number of years now. We prefer “prepaid” solutions that provide online balance information in real-time, so that travellers can avoid the bad surprises associated with subscription models. Trustive has aggregated 80+ premium WiFi operators into one unified and secured network. With the new “Full Access Europe” pass, we aim to offer truly transparent and automatic access to both cellular and WiFi networks for anyone travelling in Europe using a “SIM unlocked” or dual SIM Android smartphone. We believe that our pricing model is also pointing the way for savings and simplification” said Christian VanGhelder, managing director of Trustive.

“Full Access Europe” – one SIM card and one prepaid account for Android smartphones – is all travellers now need to stay in touch with business colleagues, friends and family and to save money. For more information, please visit

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Shock mobile internet bill of 31,500GBP for 1 British holidaymaker!

Posted by Trustive on April 21, 2010

31,500GBP in international mobile internet (data) roaming charges – that’s what one British holidaymaker faced paying upon his return home from his relaxing holiday in Portugal!

Mr Dobsyn had used his Vodafone data card to download one episode of Prison Break and a couple of songs and thought that the resulting bill was a joke! It seems that despite being an IT worker, Mr Dobsyn – like many 3G customers – was unaware of the excessive charges levied by mobile operators for international data roaming. This case took place in early 2009 and so thankfully the EU legislation that came into force in July last year is protecting mobile internet users by forcing mobile operators to cap data roaming usage at 50 Euros. 50 Euros is a limit that can be quickly reached, especially when you use 3G services, and so Trustive highly recommends using WiFi wherever possible.

WiFi is far cheaper, faster and easier than 3G and with Trustive’s wide range of prepaid and subscription WiFi access accounts, there are no hidden charges, and more importantly for Mr Dobsyn, no download quotas!

Visit for more information about Trustive’s low-cost WiFi service.

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