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Seamless WiFi access to 500,000 WiFi hotspots is now available via Trustive’s MyHotspotter connection software for Windows 8

Posted by Trustive on January 24, 2013

Trustive's WiFi client, MyHotspotter for Windows 8, is now available for FREE download

Trustive’s MyHotspotter for Windows 8 is now available for FREE download via

Trustive’s free MyHotspotter software for Windows 8 devices is now available and provides Trustive customers with seamless detection of and connectivity to Trustive’s international WiFi hotspots, located in major cities round the world. 

Trustive, a leading international WiFi hotspot operator, is pleased to be able to announce the availability of its free MyHotspotter software for Windows 8 devices. This smart client software will provide customers with seamless detection of and connectivity to Trustive’s international network of 500,000 premium WiFi hotspots, which are located in major cities and at premium sites around the world. Travellers can download this free software directly from Trustive’s website

Whilst the key benefits of using any of Trustive’s software are that they detect and then provide customers with seamless, automatic and secure authentication to Trustive WiFi hotspots, as well as a means of easily logging off afterwards, MyHotspotter for Windows 8 also includes an “Enhanced WiFi Security” feature, which can be invaluable to travellers. Based on Cisco technology, Trustive’s “Enhanced WiFi Security” feature is a web encryption system that can encrypt the user’s data between their device and the public WiFi hotspot.

Christian VanGhelder, managing director of Trustive, says “Trustive is renowned for its commitment to providing travellers with reliable, high-speed WiFi access in premium venues (e.g. airports and travel hubs, hotels, marinas, bars and restaurants etc.), enabling them to enjoy all their favourite online activities (watching videos, sharing photos, emails, VoIP and video calls etc.) whilst retaining strict control of the associated costs. Now of course, with the availability of this smart client software for Windows 8, Trustive customers will also be able to enjoy the benefits of Windows 8 as well as more secure access for ‘sensitive’ activities like making airline and hotel reservations, checking in online, shopping, banking etc., thanks to Trustive’s “Enhanced WiFi Security” feature.”

Trustive’s range of WiFi connection software and apps is available for download via Trustive’s website. Full details of Trustive’s international WiFi hotspot network (which includes 500,000 premium locations) are of course available via Trustive’s online hotspot directory:


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