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Shock mobile internet bill of 31,500GBP for 1 British holidaymaker!

Posted by Trustive on April 21, 2010

31,500GBP in international mobile internet (data) roaming charges – that’s what one British holidaymaker faced paying upon his return home from his relaxing holiday in Portugal!

Mr Dobsyn had used his Vodafone data card to download one episode of Prison Break and a couple of songs and thought that the resulting bill was a joke! It seems that despite being an IT worker, Mr Dobsyn – like many 3G customers – was unaware of the excessive charges levied by mobile operators for international data roaming. This case took place in early 2009 and so thankfully the EU legislation that came into force in July last year is protecting mobile internet users by forcing mobile operators to cap data roaming usage at 50 Euros. 50 Euros is a limit that can be quickly reached, especially when you use 3G services, and so Trustive highly recommends using WiFi wherever possible.

WiFi is far cheaper, faster and easier than 3G and with Trustive’s wide range of prepaid and subscription WiFi access accounts, there are no hidden charges, and more importantly for Mr Dobsyn, no download quotas!

Visit for more information about Trustive’s low-cost WiFi service.

If you’d like to read the original article please go to:

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Trustive’s new website is now online!

Posted by Trustive on April 16, 2010

You’ll find a lot of video guides that help you understand how to download and use Trustive’s Free WiFi software and applications and how to connect to hotspots as well as everything else you need to know to get online with Trustive. Trustive’s main goal is to give you seamless WiFi access and keep you connected whilst on the move!

Not yet decided to take the plunge with Trustive? Check out our blogs and press releases for all the latest news and coverage announcements. You can also join us on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube and contribute to Trustive’s growing online community.

Trustive’s new website answers all your questions, and makes seamless international WiFi access a reality! Visit our new website by clicking here.

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Top 10 hotspots for April 2010

Posted by Trustive on April 16, 2010

Here are the top 10 Trustive hotspots as voted for by you this month:

1.)    Amsterdam Schipol Airport, The Netherlands
2.)    Mercure Hotel, Berlin Airport Tegel, Germany
3.)    Brussels Airport, Belgium
4.)    Lyon train station, Paris, France
5.)    Crown Plaza city center, Tel Aviv, Israel
6.)    BAA London Heathrow Airport, United Kingdom
7.)    Espresso house Sweden AB, Sweden
8.)    Congress center of Madrid, Spain
9.)    Hilton Hotel Park Lane, United Kingdom
10.)    Nice Airport, France

Don’t forget to check out Trustive’s WiFi coverage in South Africa with  Trustive’s WiFi finder and get your low-cost WiFi pass before you book your hotel and travel arrangements. Get ready for the World Cup 2010! Click here to discover Trustive’s WiFi hotspots in South Africa:

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